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Title: Steamed Up
Pairing: Ralph/Jimmy. Implied Ralph/Jack. (Oh Stripper Jesus, why did I write this?)
Rating: Smut. PWP if you will.
Warning: Yeah...this is just smut. Slashy, dirty, slightly hilarious smut. If you don't like Slash, drug use, or... ya know what I think you've got the idea. Reader beware.

"You can't go home like this Jimmy." Mae had insisted. "You go on up to the spare room and get some sleep."

Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Ralph usually slept in the spare room- ever since he'd been kicked out of college he disliked going to his real home. But Ralph was the one who got the real surprise when he woke to someone's hands down his pants that weren't his own.

"Sorry Ralph" Jimmy chuckled to long and too loud "I'm just a little steamed up is all. And Sally's...busy." The boy of sixteen summers grinned suggestively.

The so-called "College kid" didn't protest, but he did sit up and rub his temples irritably. "It's too early. I am too sane for this." Ralph moaned and clutched his face dramatically with one hand. "But maybe if I had a little puff first...?" He peered at Jimmy from between his fingers,and Jimmy grinned and scrambled back over to where he had discarded his pants. He searched desperately through the pockets for a few moments before he turned violently and revealed a slightly bent cigarette. He climbed across the the bed, straddling Ralph's lap as he handed the college boy the reefer.

Ralph was already smiling as Jimmy put the reefer stick between his lips, and by the time he lit it up, Ralph was his usual chuckling, manic self again."Just for that, kid, I'll give ya something special." said Ralph, and maneuvered Jimmy by the lapels against the wall where the headboard should have been. Jimmy grinned stupidly as Ralph fumbled with the kid's pants, unbuttoning his fly and pulling his length from his underwear.

"Tha'sss niccce, Ralph." Jimmy slurred through the reefer haze that had addled his brain, and only half-aware of what was happening to him. "Reeeaaal nicce."

Suddenly Jimmy was aware that Ralph's mouth was enveloping him, cradling him gently between his tongue and upper lip. It felt good. Hot and moist and he could feel ever twinge of Ralph's tongue. Jimmy wish vaguely that it was Sally down there, but he wouldn't know how to ask her to repeat what Ralph was doing right now.

Jimmy clutched wildly at Ralph's curly hair and cried out as his world went white. Distantly he could hear Ralph choke and feel his hot hands tuck him back into his briefs.

"That was good, Ralph." Jimmy panted as Ralph pulled himself up next to the kid. "You're good at that."

"Well," the 'college boy' said softly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and then the back of his hand on the blankets, "sometimes Jack lets me suck him off when I can't get his cash, ya know?"

"Really?" asked Jimmy through the fog of reefer and afterglow.

"Yeah. I hope Mae doesn't know. 'Cause she's been nice to me, ya know? Real nice."

But Jimmy was already asleep, cuddled into Ralph shoulder like he was a teddy bear and drooling slightly on the fraternity sweater. Ralph reached over and took the stubbed-out muggle from the side-table and re-lit it. The glow of the lighter temporarily lit up his face as he puffed on the Mary Jane and Ralph stifled his own giggles into his sleeve.

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