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Reefer Madness!

The LJ community for discussing the musical!

12/15/11 12:14 pm - taureleafsilver - I'll just drop this here *skitters off*

Title: Steamed Up
Pairing: Ralph/Jimmy. Implied Ralph/Jack. (Oh Stripper Jesus, why did I write this?)
Rating: Smut. PWP if you will.
Warning: Yeah...this is just smut. Slashy, dirty, slightly hilarious smut. If you don't like Slash, drug use, or... ya know what I think you've got the idea. Reader beware.

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9/13/09 02:52 pm - shornt - many many icons

77 - Reefer Madness
22 - 9 to 5 cast
23 - Rock of Ages
15 - Amy Spanger (one with SJB)
5 - Julia Murney (one with Jenn Colella)
2 - Wedding Singer
2 - Megan Hilty

HERE @ slur_a_plea

7/29/09 12:56 pm - ohshitbecky

Kristen Bell (Reefer Madness) → 13

( today, i'm taking on catastrophe! )

6/29/09 03:12 pm - whomever

45 Multifandom Icons:
10 » GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
20 » Maggie Gyllenhaal → The Dark Knight, Secretary, Various
15 » Reefer Madness

( and mary's got some scary little games to play )

11/25/08 06:09 pm - boymaenad - official soundtrack released!

and there's talk of a bootleg of the NYC version of the show, which I'm now curious about...


11/17/08 08:49 pm - naturalbluicons

Alice, Pokemon, and Reefer Madness today! Comments and friending are oh, so mad love. =)

5 Alice in Wonderland
10 Pokemon
20 Reefer Madness the Musical


Oh, so MAD!

3/3/08 02:09 pm - esoteric79 - Desperate Need for Reefer Madness Sheet Music...STAT!!

I am looking everywhere for a copy of the sheet music to Reefer Madness, specifally the song "The Stuff." I went to the reefermadness.org website and ordered it there, but I have received no response and have no idea when I will get it. I am performing in a showcase/cabaret later this month and desperately need this music. If anyone has it, I would be more than happy to compensate them for it via PayPal if they were able to mail or fax it to me. Thank you so much!!

2/19/08 02:30 pm - gatsbyicons - 14 Icons

+Feel friend the journal for updates.
-Do not hotlink icons.

[01-09] Everything's Gone Green
[10-13] Kristen Bell
[14-16] Missy Peregrym
[17-20] Zachary Quinto

[21-30] Reefer Madness
[31-34] Reefer Madness/Heroes



Here at my journal.

9/26/07 01:46 pm - shelldockley

 ReeferMadness.jpg picture by shelldockley

See Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical at Labyrinth
Sin - degradation - vice - insanity!

Saturday, Septemeber 29th at 5:45 pm
with Live Floorshow Cast consisting of members, alumni, and friends of the NYC Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast.

7/2/07 12:34 pm - thethirdwall - Reefer Madness in Madison, Wisconsin!

Hi, everyone!

I had no idea this group was here, but I just wanted to post and let you all know that I'm the musical director for a production of Reefer Madness in Madison, Wisconsin!  Produced by Mercury Players Theatre, the show will be held in September/October at the Bartell Theatre and will be directed by Pete Rydberg.

We're super excited about the production - if you're going to be in the Madison area, you should definitely come check us out!

Go to www.mercuryplayerstheatre.com for more info.

reefer maaadness. . . reefer maaaaaadness
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